How to Build a Successful Retirement Masterclass

Compass Financial - Sam and Karen

Personal Touch, Global Reach

Compass Financial is a boutique wealth solutions firm based in Charleston, SC with a strategic focus on creating tax efficient retirements.  
Owned and operated by Karen Stawicki and her daughter Samantha Irish, Compass Financial helps clients around the world understand what they need to achieve their unique financial goals, stay aligned with their distinct course, and ultimately accomplish their retirement goals.
Comprised of independent financial professionals, we set a new standard for client care with high-touch concierge service, a signature approach, combined 50+ years of experience, and dedication to empowering you to help maximize your financial potential.
Let Compass Financial help you navigate your wealth. 

We Begin With The End In Mind

At Compass Financial, we can help you navigate which debt to mitigate to grow your wealth, when to distribute versus accumulate, where there are tax burdens you may be missing and, above all, how to live with confidence that you will have enough at the end of the day.  
We may not have a crystal ball for you, but we do have your financial map.
Sound like you? 
Your biggest financial questions have answers - let’s find them together. 

Affectionately deemed "The Power of 3", learn more about our unique approach to creating confident retirements for our clients.